We Are a Nonprofit Farm Providing Outdoor Education Experiences to Learners of All Ages

Our Mission

We are dedicated to educating and inspiring the next generation about healthy food, the value of nature and sustainability all within the context of a positive community gathering space.

What We Do

Clarkston Family Farm is a nonprofit educational farm. We are an extension of the classroom, teaching kids about farm-to-table practices, planting and growing produce, best environmental practices, also livestock. We host field trips for all of the area schools, people rent the farm for private events, we host big events for the community, the Sunflower Market is used to raise funds to support the farm and it provides fresh organic produce for the community.

Our Roots

Our farm is always evolving. If you would like to learn about how we began our work of nature-based education for kids enjoy this video podcast.

Future Plans - Pathways to Possibilities

The Clarkston Family Farm wants to make nature and agriculture accessible to EVERYONE regardless of age or mobility.

To reach that goal we are launching a fund raising campaign this spring to allow for the construction of accessible paths to all areas of the farm.  This will be a multi-year, phased project using paving, brick pavers, and gravel paths.  With over 1200 feet of pathway planned, this is an ambitious project but, as we have experienced in the past, our extended community is people of all ages and abilities who appreciate what the Clarkston Family Farm has to offer both now and in the future.

We have a legacy brick paver project in the works, details to be provided in the near future.  We are also hoping to obtain grants for funding some of the paved portions of the pathway.  If you’d like to see our pathways plan or make a donation to the farm, please see the links below. 

We are always grateful for the generosity of our community!  Thank you for being our partner in this vision for making the farm accessible to all!! 

"Where to go, and where to grow"

Our Spaces

Sunflower Market
Gathering Garden
Hens' Haven
Outdoor Cooking Lab
Discovery Pond
Peacepole Garden
The Pavilion
Teaching Pavilion
Ruth's Memorial Rain Garden

Our Furry Friends

The Faces of the Farm

Meet our board members, teaching staff and counselors. These amazing individuals are what makes this space the Clarkston Family Farm. Want to join us? Contact us, we’d love to have you!

Executive Board

Chelsea's profile picture, in a cowboy hat smiling

Chelsea O’Brien

Founder/President and Executive Director

Brad Shires

Vice President

Michele Dixon


Allyson in ball cap outdoors with cactus

Allyson Hemsworth


Advisory Board Committee

David Murphy


Chuck Edwards

General Farm Improvement

Nancy Berg

Curriculum Advisor

Cory & Robyn Johnston

Capital Improvements

Annie Whaley

Sunflower Market and CSA Vendors

Meredith Kirby

Sunflower Market and CSA Newsletter

Elizabeth Kushnereit

Special Events

Laura Haynes


Mary Schleusener

Website / Market

Stephanie Hovey

Animal Care

Bridget Place

Volunteer Coordinator

Terri Dodge

Social Media

Megan McGinn smiling

Meg McGinn

Community Garden

Claire Schleusener

Market Garden

Sierra smiling in pink dress and fancy hat

Sierra Bonser

MSU Summer Intern

Eli Wackler

Student Liaison

Our Community Sponsors

With help from our friends in the community, the Clarkston Family Farm will provide a space where kids can be kids again, learning and exploring, helping things grow, cooking and tasting and playing in nature.

Our Community Partners

Thank you to all our Community Partners, you make these dreams a reality!

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