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"Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world but themselves" ~ Steven Moss


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Tune in to our lastest Clarkston Family Farm Podcasts!
Our new Podcasts have become a family favorite! Please check out our past episodes, as Chelsea interviews different contributors to the Family Farm and expands on our Mission and purpose. Upcoming episodes will feature Larry and Louisa Stenkle from our very own local Brioni's Cafe, and Sarah Johnson (Fundraising Chair) and Clem Bond (Community Outreach Chair), two of our own Board Members....

From "Hopeful" to "Healing"
Raising the Healing Hoophouse
Hello Friends of the Family Farm,
It is with a heavy (but ever optimistic)  heart that we share this video with you. We know you will care deeply about the event described in this video at the farm today, November 12, 2019. Please share this on your social media platforms and with your respective organizations and consider helping to remedy the situation. Our CFF Board has a solid plan to move forward and work through the described situation and, with your help, to make our farm even better as a result. 

Please feel free to contact us to inquire this further should you feel the need. My email is Any and all of your guidance and support is greatly appreciated. We feel confident that our team can create a Healing Hoophouse that will be stronger, more accessible to all ages and abilities and even more functional than our Hopeful Hoophouse. Thank you for your concern and your help in creating a much improved structure for learning and growing outside. 

With Gratitude,
The Clarkston Family Farm Team

If you would like to make a donation to support the Raising of the Healing Hoophouse project, we've created a site to support this. 

Your Donation Makes A Difference.

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations"
- Sherry A. Phillips

Raising the Hopeful Hoophouse
Started with a vision, supported by a community, raised with love

Imagine a typical mid-winter day in Michigan, a little windy, probably pretty cold, with some sun but hardly an invitation to get outside, let alone garden. Now come up the hill at the farm, you will find a 120 square foot warm and welcoming sanctuary, even in the worst weather, our solar greenhouse. We lovingly call this space the Hopeful Hoophouse for both its materials and the fact that it was funded by a generous grant through the Clarkston Optimist Club . After all, who is more hopeful than an optimist? Bordines also contributed to the space by donating large quantities of soil for the eight raised beds and Ace Hardware on Dixie Hwy has partnered with us to help with all the hardware needed to construct our hoophouse. 

The Hopeful Hoophouse was designed to create outdoor educational opportunities even in the most inclement weather while growing delicious organic produce year round. This incredible collaborative project has been enormously successful achieving these goals by hosting a range of workshops, garden and nature classes as well as Garden Club while providing fresh kitchen herbs, fruits and vegetables. 
In the fall of 2016 the Independence Elementary School 5th graders took our Hopeful Hoophouse on as an academic service learning project under the leadership of Chelsea O'Brien and Dr. Kristen Gretka. Over a period of 8 weeks parents, community members, our family farm leadership team and over 75 students created what is now a unique place for growing thinkers, learners and the best local produce you can find. As our students at the farm like to say, "Hoop there it is!".  We hope you will come visit us soon and see how we like to "hoop it up".