Clarkston Family Farm

Nature Based Education
Sunflower Market
Community Gathering Place

Our Mission
The Clarkston Family Farm is committed to inspiring the next generation about the value of nature, sustainability and healthy food while creating a positive gathering space.​​

The Faces of the  Farm

Meet our board members, teaching staff and couselors. These amazing individuals are what makes this space the Clarkston Family Farm. Want to join us? Contact us, we'd love to have you!
  1. Managing Director
    Brad Shires
    Board Treasurer
  2. Managing Director
    Chelsea O'Brien
    Executive Director
  3. Managing Director
    Camilla Duarte
    Board Secretary
  4. Managing Director
    Nancy Berg
    Outdoor Educator
  5. Dennis Icabone
    Board Publisher
  6. Managing Director
    Amy Vine
    Out Reach
  7. Managing Director
    Sarah Johnson
    Events Coordinator
  8. Managing Director
    Dana Campbell
    Market Manager